I have always been a sexual person going right back to the age of five, when I used to orgasm from humping my pillow and tell all my friends and family about ‘rocking,’ the pleasurable pillow-act that tickled so, unbeknownst to me that it was sexual.

My inquisitive nature has been with me through life, finding myself unashamedly and openly experimental. I do not think our sexuality should be so taboo or that our fetishes should be shushed, so if you want someone to talk to about your wildest fantasies and past experiences, you’ve found your woman.

As well as being a Professional London dominatrix, I’m indulging my exhibitionism by getting my kit off on the SUICIDEGIRLS website, so if you want to have a sneaky pervy peak at me naked, find me and support me here. You can see more of my personality, alternative nerdy side, tattoos and naughty outfits.

I started out in this industry stripping on ADULTWORK webcam and began working as Mistress G.T. after struggling with the politics of office life and feeling suffocated by traditional expectations of society.

I’m a Hedonist at heart, so merging my passion for pleasure into everyday life slipped into place quickly and fits like a perfectly shined latex glove.

At the ripe old age of twenty eight I have enough experience to dominate men of all ages, whilst still having youth on my side as a treat for you slaves to feast your eyes on my tight curves. I’m headstrong and wise (and modest) so don’t have a personality switch whilst sessioning, I’m just myself, delicately feminine and unapologetically strong willed.

On the other hand, I get a big buzz off roleplaying, so if you want me to be your nurse, your teacher or your doggy owner, the more outlandish the better. See SESSIONS for more info.

I will open your mind and extract your deepest darkest fantasies, break you down, exposed, open, vulnerable, and throbbing.

I’ve been told by many of my returning slaves that my personality makes me unique, and many long-term players said that they had their best ever session with me and won’t be able to see anyone else again. Just look at my ADULTWORK reviews. I’m cheeky and smart, and have been known to dabble in partying with my slaves; very naughty, I know.

Are you going to come down the rabbit hole?